Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Visions from Tha Dakota Lounge

Mic Holden @The Dakota Lounge
Mic Holden

Stuff By Tha Engineer

DJ Panamami backstage @11:36p B4 her Set
(Tha Music is Blasting)

Mic Holden's Hype Man

Now this dude in this pic is bizarre. I saw this Muthafucka in tha studio wit tha homie Ransom when I was recording an episode of BossMacknosis Live. Then when I get to tha Dakota Lounge to Host tha Show that night, This Muthafucka is there as Mic Holden's Hype man, Mic Holden and Ransom don't know each other and I think dude is from anotha country. I don't know this Dudes Name either lol.


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