Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Scheme Team

Divine Styler use to be tha Man, I only remember one of his songs tho. His dancers "the Scheme Team" were legendary, I remember a weird one who died from Brain Cancer named Kalonee. Another one was tha under achieving Great lyricist/alcoholic Rass Kass who's babymama is tha beautiful and talented Teedra Moses. And tha last former member the one whom was in tha was in tha Lab with me when I was recording tha "Astronomy" episode of BossMacknosis Live, a Nigga named Dags. My nigga Ransom introduced us after he heard some of tha background music of tha show, His Vibe was Sinister, He had a walnut complexion with freckles and even when he smiled he still seemed like he was frowning, he rocked sweat pants, a krisp white t-shirt and some Powder Blue & Yellow SB Dunks. He was only cool with me after Ransom vouched for my character, a definite sign of a Real Street Nigga.

I had no clue this Nigga use to be a Dancer, he was vibing with tha music. After ole Dags heard my show he was up beat and energetic, he was ready to tell me all about his adventures as a member of tha Scheme Team. He said "Tha early days of being out on tha road with Divine Styler was tha shit, period dot, Hip-Hop was going mainstream, Yo MTV Raps was just starting to blow up, it was City after City, Drunk and High every Night, Overdosing on Bitches nightly", he had a far away look in his eye when he told me this. I said "I remember that Nigga Kalonee, that Nigga died from Brain Cancer or some shit, I remember he was smoking like a Muthafucka, he was weird to me tho, he use to hang out at V.I.P. Records in Compton back in tha day, tha one in tha Rosecranes Plaza" he said "Yeah, that Nigga Kalonee was weird, as a Matter of fact that Nigga was Gay" I said "No Shit, I'm not surprised, he was weird as fuck to me" he said "Yeah, that Nigga caught us slipping with that shit one night, As a matter of fact thats tha reason the Scheme Team broke up, He was on some ole fuck niggas for money type shit and he tried to spit that shit to us like it was acceptable" I was like "Wow Nigga, He just came at yall like it was cool huh?" He said "Me and that Nigga Rass was like we can't fuck with dude no more and that was it" he paused and said "Not to mention that Nigga Divine Styler wasn't poppin no more either". We blew Kush and shared more Hip-Hop Stories, I couldn't help thinking "This Nigga Looks way to Gangster to be a fucken dancer".

Me and Ransom was working on a New episode of BossMacknosis Live, I believe we was working on tha "Alchemy" episode. WayBack and his peoples was outside smoking a cigarette while we got set up. Ransom was like "Man, you remember that Nigga Dags?" I said "Yeah, dude was cool peoples what up with that Nigga?" He said "Dude, I'm not certain about tha facts, but I heard sumpthin about him and anotha Nigga named Kel was involved in some home invasion robbery shit where they tied muthafuckas up and erything, It was some type of Big Hollywood Producer or some shit, but they set off a silent alarm next thing you know police was everywhere, I heard they tried to run, they made it thru some backyards but that nigga Kel Broke his Ankle and got caught, Dags got away, but then Kel immediately snitched on Dags" I was like "Whoa, No shit huh, So a Nigga gets caught and just tells on a Nigga huh?, what a fucken Crimmey lol, That Nigga was on that type a page, Fuck, so he's on tha run now" Ransom paused and said "Well, I heard for a while he was, but not no more, that Nigga got caught in Oklahoma, he's done, thats like Home invasion, Armed Robbery and Kidnapping" I was like "Just like that, that Nigga is gone huh? Wow".


BUNNOBB said...

Yeah, I remember Ole` Rass-Kass,with the New-York style delivery.He was pretty decent to say the least.I gotz the first and "only"album of his...Maybe I should dust it off...

Anonymous said...

Damn, bossmack. You took that shit wayyyyyyyyyyy back.

백승민 said...

I was searching about scheme team and have a one question
Do you also know Chameleon? Is he the one you call as "Dags"?
Chameleon dances from 2:29 at this