Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jimetta Rose + Aloe Blacc + Mystic @B52's in Downtown Los Angeles

Jimetta Rose @B52's in L.A.
Jimetta Rose @B52 in Downtown Los Angeles

I have been know to Host a show or two here and there, It's always good to get out and get on tha microphone. When I do that most of tha time, not all but most of tha time I'm fucking with RK Entertainment, which is my Nigga Kenya. Me and Kenya have been cool for a minute, He's good peoples. When RK Entertainment does an event it always a Neo-Soul, Underground Hip-Hop and Rare Groove type a situation. Tha Artists that I have seen perform on stages at his events have varied talent wise from, Cool to Bomb As Fuck, some have been known like Goapele & Teedra Moses and some have been more obscure like U-N-I or my homegurl Jimetta Rose.

I met Jimetta Rose when we were in a show together at The Dakota Lounge. I remember I was sipping Patron on ice and posted in tha lounge near tha entrance. Jimetta came in rocking fuchsia dress with a matching headband with big Black hoop earings that just caught my attention, I asked her if she was performing, She confirmed that, then I asked for her picture, she agreed, Her smile was brilliant when I took that pic. There was something about babygurl that was straight magnetic, It's very difficult to explain, It's like she has an ability to make you like her when she smiles at you.

She took stage that night and Did what she had to do. At first glance you think "Okay, This is Baby Jill Scott" but no, After careful examination babygurl is herself to tha fullest, very unique, very confident. I have video of that particular show, so you can evaluate her for yourself.

Earlier this year babygurl released her album "The Barber's Daughter", I heard from quite a few people that it was tight as fuck. Also she had stepped up her game and started collaborating with them niggas from SA-RA. I have been hearing about her doing shows around Los Angeles and what not and I was actually supposed to had been went to one of her shows, But, Finally I got to check her out last Thursday night. RK Entertainment was at it again at B52's in Downtown Los Angeles, It was a show featuring Aloe Blacc, Jimetta Rose and Mystic with Dj Kaleem on tha 1's & 2's.

As I sailed down tha 110 freeway north towards Downtown Los Angeles with Kush blunt on smolder, bumping "Flying Lotus". My eyes are always magnetized by tha spectacular view of downtown Los Angeles and it's explosion of a billion points of light. While I watched the Staples Center become larger I thought to myself "It's a pleasure to get out and check good music like this for free", as I pondered inside my Kush smoke inundated environment, I saw a Beat up Yellow van go from tha fast lane and cut across every lane with no signal in one dangerous SWOOP and exit Vernon Blvd, A Highway Patrol Vehicle came to life like someone plugged in a X-Mass Tree not to far behind me and chased after Beat Up Yellow Van, I thought "I wonder did he smell tha Kush", I kept smoking and driving.

When I stepped into tha cavernous B52 I was impressed by tha club itself and tha size of tha crowd, it was a damn good turn out for a Thursday night and I could hear Jimetta was in complete control of tha crowd, I had already missed Mystic's set. Tha B52 is unusual because it doesn't have a stage, tha crowd is on tha same level with tha performers, so I had to squeeze thru tha crowd to actually see her. I made by tha Engineers only to discover tha Engineer was my peoples Big Bert & Uncle CO, small ass world, We posted up and watched Jimetta memorize tha crowd, It had been a year since I had seen her, Her skills were much improved.

After her performance, I waited a while then I finally crept up on her to show her some love, As soon as she seen me she hit me with that bright smile that makes you like her, then she said "I feel like I have been talking to all tha time facebook and twitter" I said "I kno, thats a trip" I paused then said "I ain't forgot that T-Shirt either, I wasn't sure I was coming tonight so I didn't bring it, But I got you, I can get it to you this Weekend sometime" She smiled and gave me a copy of her album on CD "The Barber's Daughter".

I walked away feeling good as fuck and I can't explain it. There is something about these Bitches with Talent, Singing Talent. These Bitches have some type of power that radiates from there singing skills that amplifies and projects tha beauty or ugliness of their Souls, I know that sounds crazy as fuck, but it's real. Oh and tha only way you can experience what I'm talking about is to actually talk to one of these bitches face to face or come into very close proximity to them. I felt this with Teedra Moses, Esthero, Goapele, Jaguar Wright, Marsha Ambrosious and Jimetta Rose. All of tha Singers I just mentioned radiated beauty except Jaguar Wright, who stunned me and everyone around her with her Ugliness of Soul. I've come to tha conclusion that these Bitches were very special because they are possessed by something and they infect others with it when they perform and even when they are idle, but especially before and after they perform.

I don't want to forget that nigga Aloe Blacc's performance, Aloe Blacc is tha first dude I have ever seen that seems to study being a soul singer. I don't think he has tha most commanding voice, I think he's like a C+ maybe B- singer, this is when you stack him up against tha big dogs and legends. I think Aloe Blacc makes up for singing talent with packaging, style, presentation and purity of intention. He opened his set with a few very bold attempts at some classic soul covers that he struggled with a little. I found out later from Big Burt who was engineering that Blacc was sick, but still performed. Towards tha end of tha set he got tha vibe right and did a very down tempo version of "Billie Jean" that was tha shit. Like I said before when I spoke on Aloe Blacc, dude is very tight and overlooked, a very serious non-conformist. If he had little more vocal talent, he would be very famous on an Anthony Hamilton level.

I left before Aloe Blacc finished his set because I was far as fuck from home. I stumbled down a very quiet and inactive Hill street towards my Truck, I stopped for a moment, seized by Metropolitan beauty of tha environment, I took a pic and thought to myself "Downtown L.A. is kinda Pahpin".

8th & Hill @1:35am


Anonymous said...

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Orange of the Good DisKrit said...

Teedra had vicious debut album still waiting on the second, lable issues..

Esthero, I am pink pixie pirate, love her tp death, LOVE her saw her live in 05 here in DC...

Jsnelle, is the THE TRUTH, the most exciting thing happening, get the Metropolis EP Suite I and ArchAndroid Siutes II and III...your ears will thank you