Sunday, July 04, 2010

Masuberg: It's Been 10 Years, I Miss tha Homie

This is a song that was inspired when I copped some powerful mushrooms and sold him some. He Took the Mushrooms and Had a bad experience, He called me while it was happening, I laughed at him, I didn't take him seriously, Then I had my bad experience a few days later, I discuss it here.

Tha Rise & Murder of My Homie Mausberg was tha Greatest Tragic Story I have ever experienced and witnessed. In a placed filled with so much hopelessness, despair and failed dreams my Lil Big Homie was truely a Rose tha Grew grew thru a crack in some Compton Concrete. I wish I could take muthafucks back in time to kick with Me and Mausberg, Back to them early mornings in tha Hood, when Berg came thru to meet at my Moms Tilt in tha Morning, We use to get an early start like at 7am.

We would climb in my Lexus and roll to a Espresso Shop across tha Street from El Camino College, I had him hooked on my morning wake up drink, 4 Shots of Espresso on Ice Straight. We get back to my hood office and put fire on a Kush blunt, Then he would tell me everything that had happened to him while he was with Dj Quik or Snoop Dog and ask me what I thought about this and that. He brought me every song he ever made and let me listen to it immediately after he made it.

Here's what I think was magical about Mausberg, I wouldn't be able to report this correctly if I wasn't there to witness this. One day my Nigga L-G told me about a Beat he had been working on and he wanted to have 2nd II None, Mausberg, Macknif (BossMack Theme song Producer), Milgates and Me on Tha Hook. We decided to get it done so we went to Tha Homie Wind Demon's Studio on tha Southside of Compton. Now I had never seen how Mausberg did his thang in tha studio before, I kind of had heard about it, But I had never witnessed it first hand. Tha studio was packed with Niggas, Tha homie Kenzo even came thru with a few Bitches. Tha Heat L-G concocted was blastin thru tha speakers, Bottles of Moet could be seen, Endless Blunts circled tha room. Within 20 Minutes of being in there Mausberg who had been mumbling to himself, scribbling on a note pad and chain smoking kush blunts in a corner of tha studio announced all of a sudden he was ready to lay his vocals. He entered tha booth, had about two or three false starts, then proceeded to crush everyone. Mausbergs verse was done withing 45 Minutes of us being in that studio. When Niggas heard his verse they were stunned, Tha conviction in which he spit that verse was like he had written it years ago, but he had just written it. It was as if a Bully was in tha studio with us, Verbal Bully that intimidated Niggas, It was as if his lyrics actually looked like him, If you can kinda understand what I'm saying. It took tha otha Niggas hours to get they shit done and everyone else was wack compared to Berg, even tha 2nd II None Niggas, It was so late by tha time we got to me laying tha Hook that we called it a Night. That song never got completed.

Recently tha Homie Wind Demon gave those recordings to tha Homie Big WayBack so he could produce a song for Glasses Malone. So hopefully you can hear this verse that I'm speaking on a Glasses Malone Single in tha not to distant future.

One day I might actually write a Biography about my Lil Big Homie, but I want to leave you with this impression. They had Mausberg's Funeral @Rose Hills Cemetery in Whittier, Dj Quik had him put in a Mausoleum. Tha actual Funeral was held in this Big Cathedral they have at Rose Hills, It's Huge, It has an up stairs and downstairs level. When Berg's funeral was there it was standing room only, that Church was super Packed, It was Niggas outside that couldn't even get in. Also you had to park damn near a mile away from tha Church to get there. It was almost like a concert at a Cemetery, Kush was being blown Openly, Tha Air was filled with Mausbergs Music, His Voice was being heard everywhere and Niggas and Bitches were singing along. Big Boy & Fuzzy were there, a Host of other Celebrities and needless to say my entire Hood was there, It was truely a great celebration. Mausberg had entered tha Rap Game as a Professional, signing his first record contract when he turned 18 Years old, He was killed a week or two after he turned 21, He had no true Hit Record and he had no Children, He only got to live in his own apartment 4 or 5 months before he died. Contrast that with this, a few years after Mausbergs Funeral at that Cathedral in Rose Hills, My former Top Bitches father died from Brain Cancer, his name was Leroy was about 62 years old, He had 8 children, They all turned out to be good people and went on to have their own families. At tha time when Leroy died he had a very good job, he was well respected and loved by all of his Children, Grand Children and even some Great Grand Children. This was for all intents a great man in my opinion, A man who had a successful and complete life. Yet scarcely little more than half of those seats were filled for Leroy's funeral, I was a little taken back by that, thus while I was there I couldn't help but think about tha Homie Mausberg. I had to compare and contrast tha two Men, Both Good men, Yet one was on this planet for only 21 Years and worked in his career for 3 years. In that short amount of time he possibly achieved immortality and inspired Tens Of Thousands of Niggas if not Hundreds of Thousands of Niggas in a Real Way, While tha other will be remembered by his family and a few friends, Fascinating.

I know you prolly busy today and you got alot of family shit pahpin, BBQ is on tha grill, Tha smoke is in tha air, Tha Drank is flowing, Tha Vibes are Good. Do tha BossMack TopSoil a favor today, download my newest episode of BossMacknosis Live: Timeless! Skip to tha very end of my show, My special Musical guest for tha Show is Dj Quik & Mausberg a cut called "Did Yall Feel That", Bump my Lil Homie Mausberg and Bring that Nigga Mausberg Back to Life Today, just for a Few Minutes, Do it for tha BossMack.

Happy 4th Be Safe Out There


MR ETHER said...

Now Topmack I will spit some real truth here. Notice I even used your real name? So all kidding aside.
Take it for what its worth and try to stay with me ok?
This is a perfect example of what is wrong in the black community, its one of the reasons that it will always be last. It was not always that way but its truth in 2010 and has been for the last thirty or forty years give or take.
The black community respects a rapper, now I am sure this guy Mausberg was talented and your friend, but really is talking over beats something to be looked up to? His music will not change the world, he is not a world class entertainer like Micheal Jackson or some of the Great Jazz artists who took jazz to Europe. But yet a man who worked hard all his life and provided for his family is remembered less.
Now had he lived longer he may have done all this things, but really I doubt it. It always surprises me what the black community looks up and holds up as something to be praised.
When Obama first ran the majority of the black community was not with home remember that. Black women supported Clinton,a white women.

Anonymous said...

NIP Johnny Burns aka Mausberg!!


Anonymous said...

that shit gets no play in MY ride!