Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tha BET Music Awards: Statements

Nicki Minaj (Titties Up)

Real MC's Rock Microphones not this Head Piece Shit, But yet Nicki Minaj is TopBitch

I watched tha BET Music Awards on some delayed shit, I had a show at The Dakota Lounge tha night it aired Sunday Night so a nigga missed that initial wave of feedback. I finally did get to check it out a few nights latter while blowing kush with one of my favorite bitches at her relatives tilt in Studio City. I was stimulated by this years awards ceremony, A quick point, I have always felt that gatherings (i.e. Parties, Funerals, Weddings, Award Show Ceremonies) always provide an opportunity to make a statement. In this years BET Awards Many statements were made. I shall list tha statements that were made and detail tha significance of tha statements from Tha BossMack Perspective

1. Chris Brown's Tribute to Micheal Jackson

I thought this should have happened last year, however, Chris Brown's smashing of Rihanna's forehead into tha dashboard was to fresh in America's mind for that to happen. I also feel like Jay-Z had something to do with that whole shit. Well, After a year of uphill grinding for young Chris Brown, he got a well deserved opportunity to make a come back and made thee most of it.

Now As far as his performance as Mike, I give him a B+, I feel like he he was just a level below Micheal Jackson with tha skills. If you look at "This Is It" Mike could still crush Chris Brown at age 50 in real life which is some shit to think about. Chris is by far tha most qualified of tha R&B Niggas to have done that Tribute tho. Now tha Crying at tha end, Was it Real? Was it Fake? I don't think it matters, If I was his Manager I would have told him to do tha same thing, I would have said "You Need to Cry for these Bitches!" lol. This was a Great Moment for Chris Brown, He made tha biggest statement of tha Night.

2. Nicki Minaj As Top Bitch in Tha Rap Game Unprecedented

Everyone already knew Nicki Minaj was tha Defacto BossBitch in tha Rap Game, But that Bitch had a Coronation at tha BET Awards. When they announced tha category for Best Female Rapper or Performance on a Song or whatever, when I heard tha nominees I was like "Lil Kim is about to get shitted on" and sure enough Nicki Minaj was on her way to tha stage. I liked tha Bitches dress, Wig, Titties and her whole swag, She deserves to be Topbitch right now and thats it thats all. Then when tha Bitch shouted out Lil Wayne I had an epiphany, I realized why there had been no number one bitch in tha Rap Game truly for many years. You know why? Tha TopBitch in tha Rap Game always shines with a light that is like tha Moon not tha Sun, Tha Sun is tha TopNigga in tha Rap Game. Nicki Minaj is Pahpin because Lil Wayne is Pahpin, She is an extension of Lil Wayne and Wayne's Shine and power is at an all time high and will be even higher when he gets outta prison. Lil Kim started falling off in reality when The Notorious B.I.G. was murdered, Lil Kim has not shined with tha same intensity since Biggie Died, In a sense Lil Kim has been dead also.

Now let me go further to illustrate this point, Look at Foxy Brown. She started off with Jay-Z, Then she kinda fucked with Nas, then she dibbled with Jay-Z again, then tha Bitch fell off, And this was all in tha 90's. Foxy Brown really was only Hot for a Year or two when you really think about it, And that was because she had no true allegiance to one Nigga.

Like I said tho, Nicki Minaj took stage and talked some nice subliminal shit to Lil Kim, then tha Bitch went on to say how all tha otha OG Bitches in tha Game (i.e. Latifah, MC Lyte Etc) gave her love backstage. My only complaint about Nick Minaj was tha wack as FUCK in that smoked out performance she gave with Diddy.

3. Alicia Keys & Swizz Beats Say "Fuck Tha World & Mishonda"!

I loved Alicia Keys at tha BET Awards, I like how she took Swizz Beats from his former Wife, I thought it was beautiful. That Bitch looked great pregnant, She seemed very happy as fuck, As a matter of fact I don't ever think I ever saw that Bitch look that Happy. Bitch crawling all over tha piano and shit, see that was Alica showing Mishonda how she stalked Swizz Beats like Tiger and pounced on that Nigga lol. It was good look to me.

4. Diddy still Diddy and Diddy Moves On To Tha Next

That Diddy Smoked out Performance was some Bullshit. Watching that Nigga Diddy up there Lip Synchin and dancing at 40 depressed me, I know I have seen that nigga do that same performance 10 times. I know rocking tha crowd is tha shit and it's very addictive, But Diddy needs to quit this shit. Diddy out there with tha New Biggie "Rick Ross" and Nicki Minaj which completed tha utter humiliation of Lil Kim, As Diddy Parlayed with tha New TopBitch. Tha way Diddy is turning his back on Lil Kim is some funny shit to me, It just underscores tha realities of this world.

5. Janelle Monae Is a Bitch to be respected

I have been noticing that Bitch without Noticing that Bitch if you can understand that statement. I have been seeing advertisements and reading interviews about this bitch but when I finally did see her at tha BET Awards, she was a pleasant surprise. I think she showed Prince's song "Lets Go Crazy" much justice. Her Energy on stage was tha shit, I look forward to checking her out in tha future.

6. J. Cole's performance was unremarkable, Is J. Cole's affiliation with Roc Nation is a Good Thing

J. Cole is known and unknown, shit I really just started checking for J.Cole. I know this dude was performing on tha small stage and all, I just didn't feel his performance. I know that was some good shine for dude and I know it was courtesy of Jay-Z that shit went down. It seemed like dude didn't make tha statement he wanted to make.

7. Esperanza Spaulding is on tha come up for real and is recognized as a Beautiful Bitch

I saw this one coming almost two years ago, It's good to see her finally get some Quality Shine. She was out here for tha Playboy Jazz Festival, I was all set to go check her out but tha Finals was still pahpin.


Anonymous said...

chris brown and his FAKE ass tears. he turned that shit on like a light switch.and NO he is not one of the better niggas who can impersonate mikes moves.chris brown got them fat ass biracial girl thighs.his career is fucking FINISHED!.

that faggot nigga prince is still a douchebag with that fucked up regal like attitude.

j.cole SUCK!.he only interesting enough to watch if you laying up in a hospital bed eating jello and flicking thru the channels.

janelle monae ole tomahawk head ass..that bitch is GARBAGE!

nicky minaj is OVERRATED! and female mc's dont last.this time next year, we wont even hear about that dyke bitch.

its obvious alicia sleaz, i mean keys and big bird, i mean swizz cheese were fucking around while he was dating mashonda.alicia gonna get her just deserts.

when lil kim had her stomach pumped for semen, some of that shit was mine!.she never was a hot artist,cuz she was only known for givin niggas slobberz and now she done FUCKED UP her face.her chin shaped like a dorito..ole stupid hasbeen bitch!

diddy just need to KILL his mofo self.that nigga still gotta black cloud hangin over his shady ass.ugh i HATE that greasy lip mofo.

who in the fuck is esperanza spaulding????.oh yeah,thats when i grabbed my lighter and blunt and sat on the toilet when she came on stage.

and its spelled "michael" not "micheal".i was only feelin dude around 1983 & 1984. that nigga had the world and everything in it,right in his damn hands and BLEW IT!.in real life mj was a bitch ass nigga.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Lol @"Chin shaped like a Dorito"

Bonez Mack Baby said...

nice post

habadabadoo said...

Lol @ you calling niki minaj good. That hoe is drippin of wack juice. Musically, she's horrible and so is lil wayne.

J.Coles mixtapes are some of the best shit out these past few years.