Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nickolas Ashford Stole My Bitch: RIP Nickolas Ashford

Thats My Bitch! R.I.P. Nicolas Ashford

I use to Hate Nickolas Ashford, He had My Bitch Valerie Simpson

I use to look at Ashford & Simpson Album Covers and Wonder what Valerie Simpson Saw in tha Nigga wit tha Flowing Perm. My adolescent brain couldn't understand tha depth of tha lyrics Nicolas Ashford was dropping and had been dropping for years. Ashford & Simpson to me were a series of album covers in my Moms vast record collection, I couldn't be sure of tha chronological order of those albums, I knew there were one or two albums with just Valerie Simpson by her self so that gave me hope like I could steal her from Nick or maybe her and Nick were having problems, can you appreciate my insanity? I was a little Nigga sprung off Valerie Simpson because of Album covers, Ashford & Simpson Album Covers represented Love & Hate to me, I Loved Valerie and Hated Nick, I wonder if there were any otha little niggas like me.

I was absolutely certain Nickolas Ashford was Pimping Valerie Simpson, He had my Bitch and his perm was flowing, He was rich too, I Hated that Nigga. Then I think I was reading a story about them in Rolling Stone or Ebony Magazine, Well I wasn't reading I was looking at tha pictures and I saw they had a daughter that was older than me or some shit AND They were married. I use to be crazy as fuck with regards to tha Bitches I liked and thought I had a shot with, a Nigga was little ass Kid had to go to sleep at 8pm and shit.

What you just read was my experience with Ashford & Simpson because I really didn't like their music when I was little, I liked shit like Parliament & Rick James, But I did like Valerie Simpson. I had more of a relationship with their album covers, Which meant I use to look through tha albums and evaluate all of their albums on a regular basis.

When a Nigga got older, I still kind of forgot about Ashford & Simpson until a nigga started making Music and looking at Album Covers again, But this time I was looking at those covers a little differently, I was looking at tha Writing Credits and tha Production Credits, then I experienced a New Respect for Ashford & Simpson, I had a sudden Epiphany, Those Muthafuckas are really ingrained into tha Black Experience of tha 70's.

Much love to a Nigga that was always a part of my life, In a very abstract way, Tha Pimp Personification on Album Covers, Tha Great Writer Nickolas Ashford.


Anonymous said...

Nigga please!!!.Valerie simpson wasn't hot enough to make a niggas dick hard! Or maybe i had to been there during the 1970's,idk!.No one gave a flying fuck about her,nick ashford made the duo what it was.

brotherAmun said...

" He had my Bitch and his perm was flowing, He was rich too, I Hated that Nigga."...Too funny.

Anita Baker was mine.